Keynote Topics

Gabriella is an inspirational keynote speaker that can connect heart and soul with business groups delivering a lasting motivational message.  She has an uncanny way to captivate audiences with her blend of comedy and inspirational stories.  Book Gabriella for any of your public speaking engagements – keynote, emcee, meetings, workshops, training, etc.  Gabriella will personally speak with you to formulate a customized presentation based on your objectives.

Popular Keynote Topics

Let’s Face It!  Principles for Achieving Success While Faced with Adversity
Gabriella shares life stories that resonate with listeners. She discusses her proprietary 5 principles in the word CRAVE that allow people to be resilient in achieving success while faced with adversity. The audience can participate using fun hand gestures, making it fun for all listeners (don’t worry, all hand gestures are clean!). Gabriella empowers her listeners to believe that there’s always a way.  Just go and do it. Audiences will walk away feeling energized with a confidence to face challenges.

Gabriella’s Story:   Enjoy the Journey in Finding Your Purpose, Even When Challenges Get in Your Way
This presentation gives hope and inspiration to those affected by a medical condition or stumbling block in life.  Gabriella speaks about her personal situation of living day to day with stressful situations relating to her Multiple Sclerosis, raising a special needs child and being an entrepreneur.  She talks about her contribution to society and her active role in volunteering.  Gabriella’s positivity illustrates the power of the mind and the necessity to face any challenges that come our way.  This is a great presentation for someone wanting to find their purpose and learning the ability to enjoy the journey in getting there.  Her presentation is entertaining and uplifting.


Teamwork Meet Communication.  Communication Meet Teamwork.
Potatoes, blocks, straws, balloons or invisible instruments!  Sounds intriguing?  It is!  This is an exciting and engaging program with an effective balance of fun, laughter and learning that involves all audience members.  The interactive presentation is designed to energize the workforce in communicating effectively through collaboration.  Attendees will learn how to work together and resolve conflict and challenges by using effective communication.  This presentation is for professionals and teams engaged in taking full responsibility for their actions.  There will be a focus on enriching relations through trust, respect and teamwork resulting in enhanced performance and motivation.

Action Plan Your Goals
During this presentation, Gabriella will motivate attendees to recognize the importance of goal setting and how to create an action plan to achieve their goals.  This workshop-style presentation will ignite innovation in your team and allow attendees an appreciation for the building of a roadmap.  You will learn a willingness to accept change and how to remain poised in stressful situations.  Gabriella’s eloquent and entertaining storytelling will demonstrate how the action plan she created has allowed her to deal with doubt and focus on a positive journey.  These skills will help your group increase productivity and strive to do more.

Need help formulating your event? Gabriella is an experienced event planner that will gladly plan your event or provide you with guidance to achieve your objectives.

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