Facts and Photos

Here is a personal bio written by Gabriella:

“This is me.  I laugh when trying to tell a funny story.  I snore.  When making popcorn, I try to fit something in before the microwave beeps.  I am stubborn and fight for what I believe in.  I cry more than people think I do.  I appreciate an orange gerbera daisy.  I rarely tell my loved ones when I experience pain.  I often forget the point of the story I am telling.  I push the door when it says pull.  I enjoy sleeping.  Volunteering is a part of my life and I recommend it highly.  Despite extreme lethargy and chronic pain, I push myself to live the life I want.  I care about people who don’t care about  me.  I love my family so much it hurts sometimes.  I ate my first beavertail when I was 39.


Gaby’s first beavertail at the age of 39. Worth the wait!

I appreciate a mug of hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick.  I will make time to listen to others’ problems in hopes of helping them.  I am determined to not let anyone get in the way of my dreams.   I am respectful of the elderly.  I feel that I have overcome obstacles and try to live my life with grace and love.  I appreciate well written music.  I take copious notes in meetings as I will forget details.  I love to be silly with my son and hear him laugh.  I fear germs.  I appreciate my girlfriends and my mentors wholeheartedly.  I love the beauty of leaves in the fall.   I enjoy standing on a stage and inspiring people.  I have developed a personal relationship with my GPS and need her in my life.  Giving up is not an option in my books.   I like to sing in the car out loud when I am alone.  I get very upset if I witness someone parking in a disabled parking spot without the appropriate documentation.   I will listen to you, even if you don’t listen to me.  This is me.  Gaby.  Talkative and forgetful Gaby.”


Big Bike Ride Organizer for the Heart & Stroke Foundation


Tony & Gaby Mammone with the late famous Chef Pasquale.


Tony & Gaby Mammone with Laureen Harper and Wajid Khan.


Enjoying a great day with famous singer, Suzie McNeil.


Silent Auction Chair, Sheridan College Big Picture Gala







Active-Green-Ross-Gabriella-Mammone-Ralph Chiodo

Ralph Chiodo, Carassauga Italy Pavilion.



Mayor Hazel McCallion’s 90th birthday celebration.


Council Chambers with Jake Dheer, Rogers TV, Civic Award of Recognition.


James Duthie from TSN Sports after Gabriella was a keynote speaker at a golf fundraiser.

Johnny Bower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Gabriella Gaby Mammone

Johnny Bower, NHL Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender.








ward 5 Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie, Gabriella Mammone, Ms Walk, multiple sclerosis

Ward 5 Councillor Bonnie Crombie onstage at Celebration Square, MS Walk.









“Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s not a matter of circumstance, but by choice.  I choose to live a life that matters.  Volunteering will always be in my blood.” says Gabriella.