How Badly Do You Want It?

If someone asked you what you wanted in life, how would you answer it? Would you say that you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to go on a vacation every year? Do you want to be financially stable? Naturally these are all wonderful goals but the real question is, ‘How badly do you want it?’

I will ask you the question again in a moment. First, let’s talk about a dear friend of mine that that has been successful in her career as a Laboratory Technician, let’s call her Ania. She’s very analytical, detail oriented, charismatic and amicable.

Ania had a dream to become an entrepreneur so she followed her passion of baking and started a cupcake business on the side. I knew her when she first designed her business plan and am happy to say that years later she is taking special orders and administering cupcake decorating workshops at events including birthday parties, corporate functions and festivals. But Ania didn’t stop there. She had another dream to create a networking group, a portal where like-minded individuals can share their successes and learn from one another. Ania organizes workshops and events that promote the advancement of entrepreneurs. And yes, she is still a Laboratory Technician, remains sane and laughs often.

How does Ania do it? The answer is simple, she wanted it bad enough. Daily she puts in sweat and tears to make good use of her time. She participates actively in social networking, attending events, and volunteering. She even gets in a bit of ‘me’ time to stay active. When her husband goes to bed, she’s on the computer researching, blogging, sending emails and planning her events.  I admire Ania.  She’s fighting for what she wants in life.

Everyone wants to have a work life balance, a wonderful relationship, and a career that we love. We would all love extra money in the bank account and go on a vacation annually. Here’s a lesson I’ve learned first-hand – happiness requires struggle, hard work and dedication. What we get out of life is what we are willing to sustain – the hard times, the challenges, the betrayals, the stress and the tears. If we can sustain and learn from these struggles instead of throwing in the towel, then we will begin to appreciate the journey. Human behaviour is dictated by emotions so even in the lowest of times, believe that you have a purpose, a meaning in life.

So my advice to you is to learn from Ania. Pick your goal, make an action plan, and live the life you want. Go through your journey of challenges and sooner than you know it, you will be able to start that new phase in your life. Ania will eventually leave her day job of being a Laboratory Technician because she is willing to go through the pain of creating her destiny. So ask yourself, ‘how badly do you want it?’

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