Meet a Superhero – Add To Your Bucket List

“Pinch me” is what I told my colleagues at work.  When I heard the baritone sounding voice introduce himself on the phone as The Dark Knight, it was almost unbelievable at first.  I had heard many positive things about Brampton Batman and meeting the Dark Knight in person was quite a pleasure!  It`s true that he adds positive karma to the community and helps people without giving any thought to why.

He is an incredibly humble superhero and has the power to life your spirits.  I loved filming this interview to help promote Family Jingle & Mingle, an event that I have developed.  And yes, that is his real voice!

I do have a long bucket list and admit that I didn`t originally put much thought into meeting a superhero.  After speaking with The Dark Knight (aka Brampton Batman), I highly recommend that you add this type of experience on your bucket list.  What an honour it was to meet such an icon in humanity.

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