Gabriella Gaby Mammone DiVirgilio MS Ambassador

MS Ambassador

Gabriella Mammone (aka Gaby) is a compelling inspirational and motivational speaker that is able to convey her message through storytelling with a twist of humour. She is insightful and her positive attitude is entertainingly contagious. Gabriella is described as someone who may make you laugh and cry during her presentation.  She is also a passionate event planner that works with organizations and events that support a charity or not-for-profit group.  As a philanthropist, Gabriella provides pro-bono advice and efforts for your event allowing a portion of her salary to be donated in supporting the causes for her events.  Hence the name was developed, Kind Projects.

Gabriella has Multiple Sclerosis. She was diagnosed with MS in 2004 and lives with varied symptoms daily including tingling feet, spasticity, blurred vision, excessive pain, cognitive issues and extreme lethargy. Between being a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and an avid volunteer, Gabriella successfully inspires people based on her ability to manage adversity and challenges.

Gabriella is known to connect with individuals and organizations – she is able to empower her audience to discover their greatest strengths and provide them with hope to succeed personally and professionally.  She will connect with her audience and inspire them to (in her words) “Action Plan Your Goals”.  She believes that the journey of reaching your goal is the roadmap of the future you create.


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Interview with Rogers Television, Gabriella Mammone, TV    MS-Multiple-Sclerosis-Gabriella-Mammone-Gaby-DiVirgilio-Mamonne-Mammonne    A&W-Cruisin-For-A-Cause-Gabriella-Mammone-Bear-MS-Raise-Funds-Ambassador

“Gabriella is a gifted public speaker, who has spoken at high profile MS Society events like the endMS Gala and the Women Against MS Gala.   She is eloquent and knows how to connect with a crowd. In a room where people don’t necessarily listen to all of the speeches or videos that are played, Gabriella is able to command the attention of 800+ attendees through her combination of humor, wit, and passion.  I would definitely recommend Gabriella for any speaking engagements, whether it is about her personal story or a specific topic”.  Brian Lim, Manager, Corporate Development, MS Society of Canada

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